Friday, March 12, 2010

Hibernation over

028 yesterday I went 50km north of Vienna, the snow has all but gone, and I opened Whisky's (wolf in sheeps clothing) little house and there she was my black beauty, Connected the battery which had not been touched since November the 1st when I parked her for the winter, put the  key in the ignition and presses the starter,  440 yang yang yang yang yang yang yang yang yang yang yang yang, stop for a couple of seconds, press again  440 yang yang yang yang yang yang yang yang yang yang yang yang yang yang yang yang yang yang, stopped again, rich smell of petrol, could the battery cope  084 , press again little throttle,  yang yang yang yang put yang yang put yang yang put put, stop for a couple more seconds  187 ok one more go and trying to remember were the battery charger is, yang yang yang yang put put cough put put brummmmm  046 yes its biking season again
Slid sideways down the muddy slope to the house soon regained control and on to the road still littered with gravel from the winter snow, out onto the main road which has been cleaned then onto the motorway, yessssssssssss wheeeeeeeeeeeeee hang on I have not got the new motorway sticker, off the next junction and back to Vienna on the country roads, Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I needed that  062 152 046 038 028

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Freedom of Europe on the Bike

Freedom of the continent,
Its that Time of the year, and as good old Blighty is waking up from recession and the warmest cold winter since records began and while the weathermen tried to explain that its all true and England has a record warm winter, and you were shoveling the snow of your drive,

the gas supplies were running out and the bookies lost a Christmas day bet, we look forward to spring and summer, and you dream of fields afar with open roads and no limits

One of the most talked about is how fast can I go in Europe without the local fuzz feeling your collar,
well do not be that surprised that almost every EU countries enforces the speed limits in there country by the same way that its enforced in the UK.

Speed and get caught then you will have to pay, and sometimes more than the locals will have to pay. Some countries like Denmark will take your license of you as well as fine you, then what are you going to do, throw the bike away or ship it home. So far I have set off speed Cameras in Italy, Germany and have not got a fine, only from the Austrian one did I get fined but then the bike is registered here.

So were can you just go for it, well some parts of the German Autobahns you can, but be aware its your fault no matter what, its your fault, in an accident and its likely your English insurance like the German insurance will walk away from you if the Police report says you are going over 130kmph.

So what is the best advice when on the continent, stay within 10% of the speed limit, remember the locals just like you at home know were the Fuzz hang out so they know were they can push it a little, but you do not. And if you think you can out run them well think again


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Trip to Trieste


Here we go again, yippee.............. I am off to Trieste in Italy, set off by 8am, down the A2 motorway, the bike is heavy but once on the move handles reasonably well and cruise at 120 k is not a problem, just after Graz I stop for fuel and a cup of coffee to warm up a little, I have the wrong gloves on and my fingers are close to freezing at the high altitudes. After 30 mins I am off again, there is little indication now of crossing the border to Italy, your speed is now only to 100k as you go into Italy, the views are fantastic, its over 50k to the next fuel stop, so if you are close to top up do it before you enter Italy. Now the temperature is increasing and I feel much better, the road is great until you get close to Udine, ( later in this blog we will go there) then the road becomes typically Roman, as straight as a die. Turn left to Trieste shortly after Udine, I am staying in Duino, its a small fishing Village about 20k North of Trieste, the toll for the road was 8 Euro. Duino becomes my base, its not bad, there are a couple of bars and restaurants there, it was nice just to relax and have a glass of wine sitting in the sun, there is an international school there,so there is a lot of young people from all over the world hanging around. The port is at the bottom of the cliff, during the summer months there is a ferry that takes you to Trieste, the Fish restaurant by the harbour is a little expensive, but the view while you are eating is great.

The castle on the left is supposed to be very nice, the entrance is in the heart of the village, I did not find time to visit it

So Trieste, parking is not easy, even with the bike, look at this foe example, the Italians love there scooters and bikes, but be wear the italian car driver has little regard for us two wheel sorts, I have seen a lot of bent bikes around, that look like cars pulling out on the bike. mind you some of the speeds they do would make Valentino Rossi wince.
Anyway on the brighter side here are some photo's of Trieste, the junk by the water is what some divers pulled out, get a close up of the table, in case you did not know if you click on the image it will come up larger

So this is the first instalment, I will continue shortly with a tour round the region and the cool trip back.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Vienna to Hollabrunn

05 September 06,
Its a nice day so time for a short trip down some more of my great finds for the motorbike, mind you so far I have paid nearly 200 euro in fines for speeding, ahhhhhhh. but generally I am a good boy, one I still do not know were I got it, that was for 32k over the limit, I have been down that route loads of times and I can not find the camera, the second proved that I can accelerate from the traffic lights to 80k in the blink of an eye, well I did blink when that irritating flash went off.
Still don't cry over spilt milk eh!
So to-days trip takes me north on the A22 till I get to the turnoff Karneuburg West, there is a nice big castle on the hill there, I have yet to visit it soon, if I do i will put it on my website. then I take the Stockerau road then by the Honda bike shop turn right to
Unterrohrbach, go staight throug the village, some of it is a bit posh, I think those with money stay here.

you will come to a crossroads
it look a bit strange but go straight across and pass some farm houses, then off into the countryside heading towards Wiessen, at the moment the road in this village is all dug up as in a lot of the villages at the moment but the open roads are great, just be careful of tractors and some times they bring muck and grit onto the road, but its not that bad.
Go straight through Wiessen and we head towards Leitzersdorf, (Dorf is village, Brunn is town and Stadt is city, in genaral ) so when you arrive at the next village/Dorf you will come to a T junction, turn right through the village, there is a gastoff on the right in which I have seen bikers using, sitting outside having as drink, anyway not today. Just as you leave the village there is a right turn to make its just after the sign that tells you you have left the village, then you are on this lovely road with painted trees, keeping at 100k its fun, its only just wide enough for one car and a bike to pass, but you have great visibility so its fairly safe to have fun, we are now taking the signs for Großmugl, ( ß is ss in German eg. Groß is gross get it) Anyway watch out for the next T junction it creeps up on you fast, turn left

Then some nice sweepers to another junction, turn Right towards Roseldorf
You will see on the left strange buildings that go into the ground, these are cellars for the storage and making of wine, though most of them are not used these days. Straight through the village to Großmugl, you will be getting used to how similar all these villages are now, but I guess its the same in England certain areas have typical stiles and layouts. You will arrive at a bend that goes right, its a crossroad and you have to turn left, direction Hollabrunn, After a short time you will arrive at the village of Steinabrunn, which is a little different an I quite like it the way its nessled in the Dale, I took a shot in the village

So now we set off for Hollabrunn passing Füllersdorf

after this dip you go through some nice treelined twisties, great fun though visability round the bends is a bit restricted, its a popular place for walkers so watch out for the sparadic parked cars, and finaly we arrive in Hollabrunn for a coffee or food etc. Check it out. Ta Ta for now